Pot series


Product Characteristics

    Ceramic coating :
    Ceramic Coating generates far-infrared rays which will effect to human body with good health. It can keep the taste of food originally. The ceramic Coating is absolutely PFOA & PTFE chemical free, which may be generated while cooking. It is also easy to clean the cookware with ceramic coated interior.

    Features :
  • Safety : Absolutely no PFOA, which may be generated while cooking.
  • Easy to clean : Very easy to wash because of ceramic coated interior and exterior.
  • Anion : Anionic ceramic coating generate far infrared rays, which will effect to human body with good health. It also makes food taste better.
  • Hardness : SUPERB Scratch-resistant a compared with general coating materials.
  • Heat resistance : Higher heat resistant of ceramic coating than the raw material of body itself.
  • Non-stick : Non-stick coating that makes food not being burnt on cooking surface.

Product Specifications

  • Body : Die-casting Aluminum,
  • Coating : Inside - Nonstick Ceramic coating, Outside - High-grade heat resistant coating (With Decal printing)
  • Cover & Knob : Tempered glass cover G-type with Stainless Steel Steam-venting knob
  • Handle for sauce pan: Bakelite long handle
  • Packing : Individual 4-color box per item, Standard export carton (normally 4-8 in-boxes/CTN)
  • (Optional - IH Available with Thermal spray process.)

Item Item No. Dia. x Height(cm) CTN size(mm) / q'ty in carton
Sauce pan PMCN-CK-18-GSV 18x9.3 cm(2.0L) 41.0x36.5x51.5 cm / 8 in-boxes
Sauce pot PMCP-CK-20-GSV 20x10.3 cm(2.7L) 52.0x45.0x28.0 cm / 8 in-boxes
PMCP-CK-24-GSV 24x11.5 cm(4.5L) 58.5x53.0x31.5 cm / 8in-boxes
PMCP-CK-28-GSV 28x14.0 cm(8.0L) 62.0x61.5x38.0 cm / 8in-boxes
Stock pot (Deeper pot) PMCS-CK-24-GSV 24x16.3 cm(6.2L) 58.5x53.5x41.0 cm / 8 in-boxes
Low Casserole (Low pot) PMCC-CK-24-GSV 24x7.5 cm(2.5L) 54.2x55.2x21.3 cm / 8 in-boxes
Rectangular roast pan PMCR-CK-35-GSV (Body) 35x24.5x9.0 cm(6.0L) TBD
PMCR-CK-35-GSV (Lid) 34x23.5x5.5 cm(3.2L) TBD